Planter Fasciitis with chronic leg pain

Patient: I have had an ultrasound on my foot and have had confirmed that I have planter fasciitis and the thickness is 8mm. The pain is incredible morning and nights and when I stand still then move. I’m struggling to sleep with constant restless legs and cramp like pain in my calf’s.This has been on going now for 7 months with no relief stretching or hot or cold compresses. Have had new insoles made and I am taking naproxcine for pain relief, but still nothing.I am a healthcare nurse and on my feet all day.Ive no energy when I get home as Im exhausted.Can anyone advise me of any other treatments or tips.I have referred myself to occupational health but not helpful.

Symptoms: Chronic restless legs with planter fasciitis and calf pain with not a lot of sleep!