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Plastic shoulder surgery?

Patient: Is there a surgery that reduces muscle/fat from shoulders? (If so, what is the cost) I’m a teenage girl andI have big manly shoulders b/c of two reasons. 1. A few years ago I trained to become a wrestler and 2. It runs in the family.



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Doctor: Thank you for your question.Unfortunately there is no way to safely reduce muscle mass without endangering shoulder function. With respect to the fat, there may be options for you depending on your physical examination. If there is excess fat in the upper arms, this is an area that we routinely liposuction to achieve a more sculpted and toned appearance. If as you are describing, the excess tissue is near the shoulder joint, there may not be anything that can be done to reduce this volume. A plastic surgeon may consider liposuction if they feel like there is an adequate amount of fat that could be reduced. I would advise you to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon to review your options.Good Luck

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Guest: It’s a real shame they can’t help you out, maybe next time.


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