Please advice for help in conceiving

Patient: Hi. I am a 38 yr old women. My marriage has been 5 yrs running. Before two years I was conceived. But after two months sonography it comes to know that there is no fetal pole, only gestational sac found. So, doctor abort it with medicine. But after that I can’t conceive. I have already gone through three IUI process. but success can’t find. IVF is a costly procedure for me. Please advice

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is very unfortunate that you had a miscarriage and having difficulties in conceiving a gain.Do not lose heart, there are possibilities that you can conceive. Suggest you to undergo a complete workup for infertility including a hysteria- laparoscopy and chromo perturbation to check the uterus , tube patency, and ovaries. An ultrasound and follicle study is also needed. Also, get your partner evaluated for infertility. If all factors are normal, continue IUI for 3 more cycles, provided cycles are regular and ovulation is normal.Give it some time, it needs a lot of patience for conception with infertility treatment, have timed intercourse during ovulation period and follow up with HCG injections, if advised by doctor. In case all 6 IUI fail, you may have to consider IVF as the last option.Hope this helped.Wish you a sooner conception.Hope this helped.Regards