Please advise on low RBC counts


Q: Hi, I am a 26/F , 105lbs, 67 inches. (Naturally thin, do not diet)

I got the below CBC results on 2/24/15 and noticed my RBC is slightly low at 4.14. I looked at my RBC results from my last CBC in August of 2013 and results were also low at 3.97 . I was not menstruating at the time of the blood tests.
Everything else appears to be in the normal range on both CBC from this year and from August 2013.

Should I be concerned? It is worth a trip to a hematologist to be extra cautious? I have good health insurance which will cover my visit.
It is possible that this is my body's normal OR is it in an abnormality that should be investigated?

NEUTRO - 59.8 Range: 40.0-74.0 - %

HCT - 39.6 Range: 36.0-46.0 - %

HGB - 13.2 Range: 12.0-16.0 - g/dL

MCH - 31.9 Range: 27.0-34.0 - pg

MCHC - 33.3 Range: 29.0-37.0 - g/dL

MCV - 95.7 Range: 80.0-100.0 - fL

MPV - 9.3 Range: 6.5-11.3 - fL

PLT CNT - 251 Range: 150-450 - K/uL

WBC - 5.3 Range: 4.5-10.8 - K/uL

RBC COUNT - 4.14 Range: 4.20-5.40 - M/uL Flag: L

RDW - 13.4 Range: 11.4-16.4 - %

LYMPH - 32.8 Range: 18.0-44.0 - %

MONO - 5.5 Range: 4.7-12.0 - %

EOSIN - 1.2 Range: 0.7-8.0 - %

BASO - 0.7 Range: 0.1-1.4 - %

NEUTRO ABS - 3.2 Range: 1.8-8.0 - K/uL

LYMPH ABS - 1.7 Range: 0.8-4.8 - K/uL

MONO ABS - 0.3 Range: 0.2-1.3 - K/uL

EOSIN ABS - 0.1 Range: 0.0-0.9 - K/uL

BASO ABS - 0.0 Range: 0.0-0.2 - K/uL


A:   Hello,
Thank you for your medical query at
I understand your concern.
However, I would like reassure you, there is nothing wrong with your reports. The range of erythrocytes have been fixed after a lot of statistical analyses, so slight variations are accepted. Since all your other parameters are normal, you have nothing to worry about. It becomes a worry when the erythrocytes are substantially low, along with other parameters like hemoglobin, leucocytes, e.t.c
In such cases, the diagnosis is that of pancytopenia, which needs further evaluation.

Your range seems to be within 3.9-4.2, and it will stay that way, provided your diet is fine.

I once again reassure you, there is nothing to worry about.

Please feel free to ask further queries,

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