August 16, 2018

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Please explain in plain english my mri results

Patient: Hi im a 25 yo female that had an an accident n hurt my knee. beforehand i never had any problems with my knees what so ever! i had an mri done n didnt quite understand what my specialist was talking about with all his technical terms lol. i was wondering what my mri results are showing…..evidence of at leasst subacute lateral patellar dislocation event with clear chrondal fissuring centered about the median ridge at the mid to superior aspect and a possible 1.7 cm osteochrondral fragment supero-latterally.Full thickness are of chrondral loss within the LFC at the lateral margin with subsequent cystic change and oedema. this is consistant with an area of accelerated OA.minor mucoid change posterior horn lateral meniscus without discrete tear.Unremarkable appearances of medial tibio-femoral compartment. only small joint effusion.early joint line oesteophytes






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