Please Explain my Corotid Doppler Exam Results

Patient: Dear Doctor, I had a color doppler of may carotid today and the report states the following1)There are no internal or external evidence of plaque 2) flow normal in all directions3)imt 0.06cm4)vertebral patency shows normal caliber and flow.It also states that hemodynamically significant stenosis. Please can you tell me if this is a serious issue.

Symptoms: No symptoms. Doppler was performed as a routine check.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Without actually visualizing your doppler study we can only offer you a general analysis th ese results. From the information that you have provided, your doppler results are not signifiant for any serious pathology. The concern of a hemodynamically significant stenosis means that even though the carotid artery is not stenosed the movement of blood through the vessels appears to be indicative of some stenosis. One study has shown that hemodynamically significant stenosis can resolve on its own, or not present with complications. We cannot assert that this will be the same for you because we do not know your enter medical history and risk factors. We recommend that you call you physician to for a more personalized and detailed analysis of these results.Thank you for choosing