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Patient: I have an infection in my parasympathetic nervous system my pupils are restricted and my anus is relaxed and I have exes saliva yet have no fever. I believe it is fungal because I have been plagued with skin funguses like athletes foot and fungus on the creases of my ears, I also have a fungus on the top of my tongue that niastatin does not cure. Could I have an infection in my central nervous system and is it curable and how do I diagnose it if my doctor will not do anything.

Symptoms: Restricted pupils

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Constricted pupils, excess salivation and bowel incontinence could be related to dysfunctio n of particular aspects of the central nervous system however, this would indeed require much more diagnostic investigations before making this assumption. What is most crucial is that your fungal function is medically examined and possibly treated with an oral and topical antifungal medication. Sometimes, fungal infections can get into circulation causing systemic infection which can lead to dysfunction of the central nervous system. We encourage you to return to your doctor to be medically evaluated and start treatment for your fungal infection. You will also need to undergo a neurological examination in order to determine the cause and severity of your symptoms.Thank you for consulting

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Patient: Thank you for your expertise