Please help

Patient: I’m 19 and my period is 3 weeks late and it’s been a month since I last had sex. We used a condom and checked that it didnt have holes (we did the water test and it did not leak). The only thing that worries me is that we didnt check the expiration date. He also pulled out before ejaculation. I performed 4 home pregnancy tests from 3 different brands once 2 weeks aftet sex, once 3 weeks after sex and once yesterday but all were clearly negative. Is there a chance that I’m pregnant? Recently my lower abdominal area hurts and my breasts have been sore and my nipples look darker and larger (maybe its psychological?). Also I have been having a lot of white discharge that appears sort of dry. Please help me I can’t be pregnant.

Symptoms: Sore nipples and breast. White thick and dry vaginal discharge.