Please help? i have adhd

Patient: Hii my name is Xenia, ive suffered from ADHD since 1st grade, im in 11th right seems like its getting more and more difficult for me to concentrate and frustrates me insanely because i cant do what i need to do without getting so distracted really has gotten worse than would take atleast 5mins to actually get back on track and continue doing what i need to do.this is an ongoing thing.i talked to my dad about it, (i dont live with mom)and he said theres nothing he can do to help me.i only asked him if he can help me somehow because its very hard and frustratinghes just very hard to talk to and noone else is here to help me,can you?i did my reaserch for tips but ive tried those too many times and doesnt work for me

Symptoms: Frustration, stress, emotionally upset, lack of concentration