Please help I have been experiencing upper abdominal pain and

Patient: Please help. I have been experiencing upper abdominal pain and swelling. I look as if I am 7 months pregnant and feel as if I’m about to give birth. I have gained 16 lbs in 3 weeks! The doctor ordered xrays, (which showed I was a bit backed up), ultrasound, (which found only an ovarian cyst), and a CT, (which also showed nothing but the cyst!) I have taken fiber gummies as ordered by the doctor (2- 2x daily), then a colon cleanse, (which was supposed to have started working within 48 hrs, (it did not. And then finally prescribed lactulose, (15ml-2x daily.) Which now on my 3rd day, is still not working! It hurts to do just about anything except for sitting still. I do not have my appendix or gall bladder and definitely not pregnant. Labs are good. White cell count was ok. They also had to prescribe acid reflux medicine because of the swelling. I’m at a loss. Please help.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Noted your medications of: Pantoprazole 40mg Lactulose Gabapent in 100mg Clonazepam .5; and the history related to the pain in abdomen.To recapitulate: 36-45/Female – upper abdominal pain – swelling as if you are pregnant and about to give birth and all investigations are normal except a cyst on ovary and tried all the possible medicines.This condition is called Pseudocyesis : Means there is no actual pregnancy but the patient gets all the signs and symptoms. This is confirmed by a negative ultrasonography. He patient who has the extreme desire of having Motherhood again develops this sort of a problem. No one really knows the reason and the exact mechanism by which this happens. Consult your Senior Gynecologist who has seen such more cases for counselling and further management.I hope this answer helps.