Please help. Im in so much pain

Patient: Hi I am a 17 year old female and about 2 years ago I had chronic strep throat. Since then I havent had a flare up of it. About 5 days ago it came back worse then ever. I can’t swallow or eat or drink because the pain is excruciating. I also seem to have a cold because I cannot breathe out of my nose. My doctor gave me amoxicillin but it’s not helping. I just took my 5th dose. I’ve also been taking ibuprofen for the pain but it’s not relieving it a single bit. I’ve missed three straight days of school. Both tonsils are swollen but one is huge and hitting my uvula. My throat feels blocked. Dad called the doctor and they said the meds could take up to 5 days to start being effective. It shouldn’t feel this bad. I can’t even sleep. I also have neck, head and ear pain. What should I do ­čÖü