Please help. Im scared. Vyvanse problems.

Patient: Im extremely scared. I just took my first dose of a drug called vyvanse. Before vyvanse I had taken a drug called strattera. It did not help with the focusing and attention problems associated with my ADD so I asked my doctor for something that would help me more. I am on edge and feeling scared. My heart is beating extremely fast and I feel “high”. My extremities are overcome with a distinct coldness. I assume that this is from vasoconstriction. I took 40 mg total. I am only 15 and I don’t want to die. I have never done any drugs or gotten high. I am overcome with an extreme level of happiness and motivation. This does not feel natural. Should I contact emergency medical services? Please help, I am scared and I feel like a junkie. What should I do?

Symptoms: Cold hands and feet, irregular heartbeat, extreme and un-natural happiness, too much focus, anxiety, feeling of superiority, and dry mouth.