Please help is redness/ irritation on the pee hole a sighn of an std?

Patient: Hi, I recently gave unprotected oral sex to this guy. Everything was fine until the next day. He called me and said he notice that his pee hole was red and had tingle feeling to it. It doesn’t seem like they are symptoms of any std but we do not know. The only thing that he said is happening is redness/irritation but no pain. Any help ruling out what it might be ?

Symptoms: Redness on the pee hole of the penis, slight irritation , and tingle feeling

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that your partner’s symptoms could be due to sexually transmitted infection, however the only way to be certain of this is for him to be examined by a doctor and have testing performed. Another possibility is that his symptoms could be due to tissue abrasion from oral sex. To be certain, please encourage him to be examined by a doctor as soon as he can.Thank you for choosing