Please help me? 2 week period with a 1-2 day break mid way through (nexplanon contraceptive implant)

Patient: I’m 16 I have the nexplanon contraceptive implant and I just have a question to ask. I’ve had the implant for 9 months now and I have a period every 4-5 weeks that lasts around 2 weeks, I’m having a period right now that’s started on the 21.04.14 and lightened up/stopped for a few hours on the 02.05.14 and the 03.05.14 it started again heavy on 04.05.14 still going now, I just wanted to know if it is normal for it to stop for 1 or 2 days then carry on while having a period? (it happened with my last period too.)

Symptoms: Stopping/very light bleeding for 1-2 days half way through my period