Please Help me, 25 year old diagnosed with prostatitis!

Patient: Hello, I have been to a couple different urologist in regard to my penile pain and have been diagnosed with non-bacterial prostatitis and was told it will eventually go away. One of my cultures on my prostatic fluid came back positive for Coagulase-negative staphylococci and was told that’s normal. Is that normal? and how long can prostatitis last? It has been 4 months and I’m miserable and the doctor said with warm baths, Septra DS and no caffeine it WILL go away. It hasn’t as of yet and I do not see any improvement. I have had a CT scan, blood work, urine culture, cystoscopy and everything came back normal. I also had 4 different prostate exams. Only one time did my prostate feel soft, boggy and slightly enlarged. The other 3 times it was normal. Does your prostate have to be swollen to have prostatitis?

Symptoms: -Trouble urinating (Can’t go, get all urine out, urge to go but can’t)
-Penile pain ( dull ache in in shaft and below head of penis)
-Perineal pain
-Pain underneath testicles
-Pain after ejaculation
-Blood after ejaculation
-Premature ejaculation