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Please help me about acne scars.

Patient: Hiii doctor.i have indian whetish fair colore. now these days i hv many acne marks on my face while using elson ht or betnovate n on my face…my doctor suggested me eziderm 20 gel on night bt now m confused that what can i use on the morning can i use the lacto calamine lotion on the morning…because i am working.and not going in the ofiice like this kind of freky face..please help me out…


Symptoms: Black spots on my foreheads and left cheeks and around the mouth

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.Acne is due to the clogging of the skin pores with either dust or oil.Ther efore, I recommend you use non-oily face creams. It is essential that you deeply clean you skin with the bet suited face wash. It is better if the face wash is antibacterial. Your dermatologist would prescribe anti- biotic creams (containing clindamycin). This is very useful for pus filled acne. Cold compress on the acne may help relieve the pain. Lacto- calamine would work on the marks.Using Cocoa-butter containing creams are also effective on the acne marks.Hope this information was useful.


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