Please help me gain weight..feel and look better thanks

Patient: Hello as a 27 year old male i wondered what i could do to feel better and look healthier..i think it may be my diet i dont eat just bad all the time but theres alot of foods i do not like their any substitutes or anything else..and no known medical history

Symptoms: Tiredness…sometimes bags under eyes..headaches..a little weight loss..hard to gain weight

Doctor: Thank you for contacting Ask the doctor.Healthy diet is very essential for maintaining the beauty as well as the ener gy levels. Eating loads of green leafy vegetables, chicken, fish, milk, eggs, fruits are the key ingredients of a healthy diet. as important eating the right food is, equally important is the discipline of maintaining a proper eating time is. there are no substitutes to natural healthy food items. Medications would have loads of side effects and would not be 100% safe.In case you would like to take medications, it is important that you must not start on multivitamins or vitamins without a physician prescriptions as the toxicity and overdose may be the most possible concerns which would do more harm than good. Visiting a dietitian and getting the essential Blood check-ups seems like the most likely next move for you.Hope this information was useful.