Please help me i am worrying about baby

Patient: I took a pregnancy test 4 days ago and it was positive with 2 digital and 2 pink line ones. Have taken blue line pregnancy tests and it is positive but I feel the line is slightly fainter in these ones. You can tell it’s a positive straight away but still have one line fainter. I have also gone from feeling very sick to nothing at all. I an worried it is a chemical pregnancy

Symptoms: Pregnancy enquiry

Doctor: Pregnancy test results are based on the principle of detecting the pregnancy hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) in t he mother’s urine. It is not a quantitative test but rather a qualitative test that only detects presence or absence of the hCG hormone.A chemical pregnancy is a pregnancy in which the woman tests positive for pregnancy but nothing is seen in the uterus on ultrasound. Therefore the only evidence of pregnancy is the chemical reaction that caused the pregnancy test to turn positive.The presence or absence of pregnancy symptoms is an inaccurate and unreliable way of guessing whether the pregnancy is viable or not. The best way to test the health of an early pregnancy (before 6 weeks ) would be to take a quantitative serum beta hCG test. Doubling of the values every 48 hours is a sign that all is well. You could consult your nearest health centre or early pregnancy unit regarding your fears and request for this test to be carried out to allay your fears.