Please help me, I think i got my own mom

Patient: Hi, I have a problem that is causing me extreme stress. I started masturbating about a year ago. I masturbate while taking a bath. I hate ejaculating in the bath water so I ejaculate in the jug that my family uses to wash private parts. I always wash it out with soap and very hot water. It’s only me, mom and my sister. One night, I forgot to wash it out and my mom used the jug with semen and water in it to wash her private about 10-20 min later. It’s been three months since this happened but it still haunts me. Lately, she has felt movement in her stomach but bloodwork has showed it was parasites, but no other preg symptoms. She is a single mom, so she knows she can’t get pregnant, but I just can’t share my knowledge with her, so I can’t tell her to get a pregnancy test because she will say ” I haven’t had sex, I am single” . What are the chances of her being pregnant.

Symptoms: Stomach movement.