Please help me im worried

Patient: Hi i have a 1 mth old born august 6th. on september 6th at 4:30am i took him to the childrens hospital because he was throwing up all his formula and had not had a bowel movement since september 3rd .he got an ultrasound done it was normal and blood test were normal but the doctor wanted to admit him to the hospital because of the vomiting the 6th at the hospital he was doing better with the formula not spiting out anymore and had one loose green bowel movement that night at 10:30pm the 7th we got to take him home . Now im concerned because ever since the hospital he still hasnt had a bowel movement on his own .he has gone green hard bowels only on the 8th,9th,14th,and 16th only one time each of those days of this month but only because we’ve helped with supositories or caro syrup now i dont want to have to have to help him because i want him to go on his own and he hasnt im worried what do you recommend me to do ?take him back to the hospital?