Please help me in getting pregnant

Patient: Hello Doctor,I am 27 years old. We have completed 2 years after marriage. I am trying got my First baby. I did not experienced any abortion earlier.I am in treatment for last 1 year for PCOD.In the Month of March 2014 i have done with laproscopy surgery, and have removed my PCOD’s and 1 fibroid. During the surgery they have found my right side ovary is having cornual block. i can try only with my left side ovary egg.Ultrasound scan details as of now:-Transabdominal sonography of the pelvis done.-Uterus measured 69*33 mm.-Cavity echo appeared normal. (Thickness = 6mm).-Right Ovary (37*22 mm).-Left Ovary (34*20 mm).-Both Ovaries appear normal.My husbands semen report as on Jan 2014:-Total Count 50 millions-Active 70-Sluggish 10-Dead 20Impression of semen sample report is Normal.Note: My hubby is working in gulf country, and now he came for 3 Months leave(till june 2014).After my laproscopy surgery i tried 2 normal cycle for getting pregenant which was not successful.(in Apr and may 2014).This month(June 2014) i went for Follicular study with having IUI treatment plan. Unluckily, my right ovary had produced egg.16/6/2014 – 12th day – Right sige ovary – 16*16 mm.-> Can you please tell me, as it is 12day egg size, is this good in size?-> Can i go for IVF? (as my hubby will leave on june 2014 end with 2 years contract, without family accomadation).Thanks in Advance!

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We understand your frustrations in trying to conceive, however due to the complexity of yo ur case we are best in advising you to follow up with your fertility specialist who will discuss your candidacy for IVF or if medical treatment will help you.Thank you for choosing

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