Please help me!! Period or STD question?

Patient: Im alittle confused. It all started last saturday. My boyfriend and I had sex(like normal) only i was pretty dry, and then he fingered me. He was alittle rough and i began to bleed. Which I thought was normal. However, I am still bleeding, I have brown discharge and sometimes dark red. And when we had sex yesterday, it was like red period blood. But it stopped. Also, my vagina seems to have these bumps (looks like shaving bumps) on the inner lips of my vagina, and my vagina is alittle bit itchy and burning.Could this be because of irratation?Please help!Ps. I was a virgin before my boyfriend, and so was he. So I when im asking std im taking about ones that can be common without getting it from someone elseAs well as it doesnt sting when i pee.