Please help me please

Patient: Hellow doctors….iam 25 years,i try to conceive for 8 month with no luck…i used femera for 5 month and 2 month of gonal f,my follicle size are 22*27 but iam not ovulate what i do please help me please

Symptoms: I have some acne on my face

Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryDo not get disheartened so fast, you are still young and have all options for conception. F rom the medication history, that you have furnished, seems like you have polycystic ovaries or an androgenic hormone excess, leading to problems in conception.The drugs were mostly given to regulate your cycles and help you ovulate and menstruate better. You need to give it time. Your partner also will have to be examined. A semen analysis may be done and also an examination and a full hormonal profile is needed. He also may need treatment if anything is normalYour follicle size looks fine for ovulation. You may need stimulating injections like hCG to make the follicles rupture, Consult a gynecologist to help you plan your pregnancy with cycle and ovulation monitoring.Hope this helpedRegards