Please Help Me, Sixteen and could be pregnant

Patient: Hi, I am 16 and may or may not be pregnant and I have some reasons why I think this along with my Grandmother and mom. I have had unprotected sex on November 8th and I got my period around November 20th about a week later than I was supposed to get it. Lately I have been feeling really sick like dizziness and puke like feelings that I never usually get and they occur every hour or so throughout the day. I also had unprotected sex again after my period ended and a few days after I started feeling slight cramp like pain in on side of my ovaries and toward the middle of my abdomen. I know that I had got my period so probably couldn’t be pregnant from the first time but my mom and my grandmother both got pregnant young on the first time they had sex and also had their periods about four months into their pregnancy. They also were taking pregnancy tests while far along pregnant and they would always show up negative as mine did as well.. I was wondering if this all could mean Im pregnant or just thinking to much about the situation.




Symptoms: Sickness throughout the day, runny stool, dizzy, sweating a lot, and tired.

Doctor: There are multiple methods to diagnose pregnancy and a Home Pregnancy Test is the easiest of them all. Apart from this, blood tests are available to detect pregnancy. Sonography may detect pregnancy also. Sometimes, especially in ladies with irregular periods, calculating the period of gestation is difficult from the date of last menstrual periods; in them sonography comes in very handy. Sickness throughout the day, runny stool, dizziness, sweating a lot, and tiredness are not normal. Please visit your family physician, if possible with a guardian or a companion, for a discussion about your problems and concerns.

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