Please Help me with my Height Proplem

Patient: I’m 21 years old(caucassian female),I’m about 1.68cm and 50kg I hate my height so much that I hate everyone who is tall and I’ll do anything t gain some extra inches,is there is any way help me to be taller like all of my sisters(they are all above 175cm)?I started stretching excercises few weeks ago and I gained about 2cm should I continue doing them or there is any other effective way?

Doctor: According with the data that you provided about your height (1.68mt), your weight (50kgs) and your age (21 years old), i t is not likely that you might have any growth deficiency, growth failure or failure to thrive. Sometimes the short stature may be the normal expression of genetic potential, in which case the growth rate is normal, or it may be the result of a condition that causes growth failure with a lower-than-normal growth rate. Growth failure is the term that describes a growth rate below the appropriate growth velocity for age. Some of the factors of short stature include: parents height (familial short stature), timing of the puberty because with the sexual hormones the epiphysial fusion occurs early, resulting in premature slowing of growth velocity, usually resulting in a short adult height. In your particular case, your epiphysis have closed already, reducing your potential for an additional growth in stature, but your height and your weight are totally normal for your age.