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Please help. My first month of birth control and I am having problems. Thank you

Patient: Background: I started my period when I was 16 and since then I always have been really irregular (sometimes missing 3 months at a time) . Last year I missed my period for the months of November, December and this year January. So my doctor put me in Tri-Sprintec but she told me it was ok to started it before my actual period came because it hasn’t come it 3 months. So I took it before my period started. Also I am overweight 🙁 and undergoing a lot of stress.Present time: on the last week of my blue active pills of birth control my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex twice (two consecutive days) (2 pills aways from my placebo week) although we had unprotected sex I took plan B emergency contraception pills (day after pills) the day after the second intercourse days. Today I finish my last active blue pill and my period has not yet come (this is the first month I have taken birth control and the very first time in my life). Now could I be pregnant? Is there something wrong with my system? If I miss this period it would be 4 months in a row without my period . Ian so worry that I might be pregnant or sick please help. Thank you



Symptoms: Stress, I feel like crying (emotional)




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Patient: This is actual my first time having sex as well

Patient: Aslo my boyfriend never ejaculated inside if me, we used the pulle out method. Sorry I keep posting stuff. But thank you for all your ehlp


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