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Please help! My two year old swallowed a bite sized

Patient: Please help! My two year old swallowed a bite sized piece of gold coin wrapper (the sharp kind of tin foil wrapper) 10 hours ago and is now waking up and vomiting every twenty minutes . Should I take him to the hospital? I’m worried about an obstruction



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for your opinion,It is an emergency if your child has swallowed a tin foil wra pper and have been vomiting very 20 minutes now. It is necessary that you should take her to ER, for an immediate evaluation with an X-RAY neck and chest to visualise the location of the foil, which may have got stuck in the pharyngeal region or oesophageal region.It would require immediate intervention by endoscopy to remove the foil by a specialist physician.The longer it stays in, it is likely to cause local injury in the throat and pharynx.Hence, it is suggested that you should visit your ER asap.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards,



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Patient: Thank you. He was fine after he swallowed it for about 8 hours and was able to eat a full meal. No signs of pain or any problem. But when he went to sleep he woke up an hour later vomiting and has now vomited five times. His brother vomited four days ago, so it’s possible that it is the same virus, but the tin foil made me worry. It is the middle of the night and I am across the border from a hospital. With these extra details, do you believe it is still very urgent to go immediately? Thank you!

Doctor: Well a foreign body intake in a small child is always worrisome as this is a sharp object and can cause perforation in the gastrointestinal system all along the tract it follows, so if it has been swallowed then concern is injury to stomach and intestines and that can cause vomiting and not just the virus. In any case , an ER VISIT IS MANDATORY.


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