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Please help to increase hair thickness & density

Patient: I am 22, working female. I don have thyroid symptoms. My hair lost its thickness due to sever hair fall. I am using mild shampoo for washing my hair twice in a week. I was suggested to take biotin tablets for hair loss. kindly suggest me with medications to regain the hair density & promote hair growth.




Doctor: Hello,Severe hair loss over few months is called telogen effluvium.It is a hair loss pattern usually triggered by f actors like physical illness (like viral fever, typhoid fever, hepatitis, etc), surgeries, anaemia, thyroid disorders, crash dieting, weight loss and child birth which you would have about 3 – 6 months prior to onset of hair fall.You have mentioned that you do not have symptoms of thyroid disorders.I would still suggest that you get a thyroid profile done along with hemoglobin and serum ferritin levels.You have mentioned that you have been on biotin supplements.If they have not helped, then you could try topical 2 % minoxidil solution. You should apply 1 ml twice a day on the entire scalp after bath and at bed time. You should use it for 2-3 months to notice changes and continue for another 6 months.Eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in proteins.Reduce stress by yoga/ meditation.Hope this helps you.Take care.


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