Please help to stop the coughing

Patient: I have been non stop coughing for three weeks and it is getting worse. I sometimes have pelgm with it and sometimes i dont I had a sore throat but that is gone now. I am just stuck with this cough what can this be or what can i do?

Symptoms: Coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on “Ask the Doctor”.Inadequately treated cold and flu infection usually travels d ls down to lungs to cause bronchitis or pneumonia. Cough for more than a week, associated with wheeze is suggestive of Bronchitis. Midnight coughing is usually associated with bronco-constriction where cough is usually associated with shortness of breath.If the sputum is greenish in colour it suggests bacterial infection. There is possibility of consolidation in lung causing cough with expectoration.Some obstructive pathology in lungs also the reflect continuous cough.It unattended, it may turn into severe complications.For diagnosis medical examination, blood tests and X-ray chest are required to be done.Please see your doctor at earliest.Doctor may start antibiotics, anti-allergic and painkillers.You may also require decongestants, bronchodilators, inhalers and temporary steroids.Steam inhalation may help in relieving discomfort in such conditions.Wish you good health!