Please help with my miscarriage

Patient: Hi my name is Tiffane I got pregnant in September 2012 and had all the signs and symptoms and I had terrible sharp pain on the right side on my uterus and I was in the fetal position all the time to where I never wanted to move. I never had any bleeding. My doctor gave me a pelvic exam but nothing was found. On November 2012 I went to the bathroom and something fell out of my uterus and I took it to my doctor and she sent it off for a biopsy and my results came back as spontaneous abortion with unspecified complications, but my doctor and the pathologist never explained my report to me. Would you please help me as to what might have caused this? I was between 11 to 12 weeks pregnant and my baby started to develope a little and stopped. Attached is a photo of my baby and test results.

Symptoms: terrible sharp pain on right side near ovaries, lower back pain, nausea, fatigue.

Please help with my miscarr...-1