Please help with understanding abdomen pain.

Patient: Hi. I woke up yesterday with some upper left abdomen pain but I was able to go about my day. This morning the pain woke me up and I realized I was only comfortable on my left side. Lying on my back or right side hurts. It is very painful to touch and even hurts to breath in or move around. I’m not just sitting still to avoid the pain but not sure what this could be?

Symptoms: Pain in left side abdomen/ under rib area

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.There is a possibility of a diverticula, which is an out-pouching in the inte stinal lining, getting inflamed or infected. This can cause a point tenderness under the left rib cage. When the inflamed or infected diverticula touches the peritoneum it can lead to irritation (peritonitis). There fore I recommend a visit to a gastero-enterologist. Diagnosis would include CT, MRI , Xray, Blood examination and biochemical profile. Treatment would include the rest, Liquid diet till the diverticula heal, changing eating habits and including more fibers, Antibiotics, pain medications etc. Surgery would be required in case of complications like – bowel blockage, abscess formation, or if medications do not work.Hope this information was useful.