Please i need ur kind suggestions.

Patient: Good morning wife has taken mifepristone at 10 pm on 12 th December.and after 12 hrs she took misoprostol of two tablets and she bleed few drops again after 12 hrs she took remaining two pills of Mifty Kit .Now again she bleed for one to two times .So,plz suggest me that is abortion complete or not.could she take another two pill of misoprostol if abortion didn’t happen.plz suggest me asap

Symptoms: Pain in waist

Doctor: Hello,If you are trying to achieve abortion at home without any supervision of a physician then it is highly unrecomm ended. The dosage schedule used by you is wrong already. After mifepristone, misoprostol has to be taken after 48 hrs and not 12 hrs. Also the completion depends on the period of gestation of the pregnancy. If there has been no products aborted yet , which i feel have not been yet, then the abortion remains incomplete.I suggest please visit your physician at the earliest now, as this is probably a failed medical termination through unsupervised medications , and it would require a surgical evacuation. But first a transvaginal ultrasound would be required to check for products of conception and to ascertain completion or not. So visit your physician please, as unsupervised abortions can lead to sever bleeding which can be life threatening .I hope i have answered your query,wishing goo d health,regards