Please! Need help with my Asthma!!

Patient: Hello,I am very worried. I have no insurance, no money to go to a doctor so I need help. I am currently buying an inhaler over the counter at Wal-Mart, For awhile it was working great. But now, It doesn’t work at all. I only start breathing really bad when I lay down for bed. I always wake up in the night not being able to breathe. But as I said, I am worried because my inhaler doesn’t work anymore, I can take 4 puffs and it doesn’t help. I haven’t been diagnosed with Asthma but I have been to the E.R when I was weezing really bad. I don’t have asthma attacks, but I weeze really bad and it makes it hard to breathe. So my question is, why do i get really bad asthma at night? and Do i need to get a prescription strength inhaler to work? Or is this the sign of something else or something worse.Ps, the only time i was ever breathing really good was when I got a prescription for steriods from the ER. if that helps.