Please need to know what i should do next? 3 negative tests and i am hungry always.

Patient: Hi I am 17 days late and 3 negative tests so far i tired all the time and its seems i am hungry all the time now I am never late

Symptoms: Sincere smells makes me queasy weight gain , peeing alot ,

Doctor: Hello,If you are already 17 days beyond your missed period date, and your pregnancy test is negative then it is likely that the delay is possibly caused by stress-induced hormonal imbalances during the month. The symptoms you are experiencing of bloating, increased frequency of urine and nausea headache is a part of premenstrual syndrome which in absence of pregnancy may mimic early pregnancy symptoms but indicate that the menses shall ensure in few days.It is suggested that you may wait for next 5 days and if not resumed then get an ultrasound pelvis done and check for endometrial thickness. If the endometrial thickness is more than 10m m, then you may opt for a progestin withdrawal to resume your menses.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards,