Please suggest me the way to use tablets

Patient: Hello Doctor,I’m having 9 months baby(i’m not breast feeding), but i’m carrying again running with 7th week. Please suggest me if i can use combination of Misoprost – 200 (Misoprostol – cipla) and Methotrexate (Folitrax- 10). Also the dosage and directions to use.Please suggest me if i need to use any other tablet to get the clear abortion, i don’t want to make this complicated.

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.Since you have had a recent delivery and a conception of 7 weeks again,you may go in for abortion. Attempting an abortion by yourself without doctor supervision will lead to lot of complications like uterine rupture, severe vaginal bleeding, incomplete abortion and sepsis which can be life threatening. Do not use the medication you mentioned they are not ideal.You need to get a scan done and then with doctor supervision undergo termination. Surgical intervention like D and C may be needed.Hope this helpedRegards