Plugged ear , sinus issues, and now throat pressure

Patient: Hi, I have been suffering from one plugged ear and nostril (same side) for about a year, I have been to the doctor numerous times, ive been on antibiotics twice, i use a steroid nasal spray, and I also have been prescribed reactine to take every night to see if it will dry up any fluid behind my ear, which may or may not be there. I went to the doctor due to a sore throat yesterday, but there is no infection. Yet when I speak, I feel some sort of pressure, and it is scaring me. Apparently my throat issue could be caused by constant post nasal drip, and I have an appointment with an ENT in december. I am freaking out.. My question is: is it normal to feel pressure while speaking? It sort of feels like I have to cough up mucus, which I have been trying to do. Do you think it is related to my sinus/ear problem, or is it more serious? Thanks.

Symptoms: Stuffy nose, post nasal drip, stuffy ear, throat pressure