Plz help me out,i fear a lot of this

Patient: Is excessive nocturnal emission dangereous.

Symptoms: Headache,fatigue,lack of concentration

Doctor: There is nothing like excessive nocturnal emission. Once or many times, either day or night is not excessive and it is very normal around 25years. The idea that emission of semen loss is dangerous. debilitating etc, is a misconception but held so in our country and in many developing countries. There is no scientific basis for this. Those who are young, unmarried and those who avoid masturbation, go through this process frequently. That is because semen is produced constantly and it has to have an outlet to go. It can be sex, masturbation and through urine or emission. It is absolutely normal, get out of the anxiety and fear and you are likely to do well. It has no effect on your sexual life. You need proper sex education and please meet your family doctor for the same.