PLzz help its about eczema im desperate

Patient: Hi, Ive been having a problem for a good 5 years or more now I’m 17 years old female and I have this rash or something on all my fingers except my thumb and a little bit of my index finger on both hands, I have had Eczema on my body when I was younger such as my face, legs, creases of arms and legs, plus my wrists. I also have a sensitivity to certain metals I believe. I have searched on the internet and I believe it might be Dyshidrotic Eczema, I have all the symptoms and pictures on here look 100% like mine… I cant get into my doctor till October 19th and I’m soooo tired of this.. I don’t know what to do and it wont go away and is getting worse.. some nights I wake up because of how bad it itches and I cant sleep all night, I need help ASAP. my self esteem is going down because of it… ive done steroid creams multiple of them really high doses to but it doesn’t seem to work.

Symptoms: Itchy, painful, irritated