Polyphasic Sleep and its benefits

Patient: Hi I have a question of alternating my sleep cycle. I am interested in pursuing a polyphasic sleep cycle known as the Everyman. It consists of a three hour core sleep and three twenty minute naps throughout the day. I love being awake and stay up very late and can work easily with litle sleep. I am wondering if this sleep cycle has an health risks associated with it and if the risks can outweigh the benefits. Thank you.

Doctor: Switching over to a polyphasic sleep cycle complete depends on your lifestyle. I would suggest that you see your doctor for a complete physical examination before attempting this lifestyle modification. Keep in mind that I would not recommend this if you have an underlying medical or psychiatric problem or insomnia. I would also recommend eating health and avoiding fat, de-stress by doing yoga, avoid smoking and alcohol (if you drink or smoke) and do regular exercise.