Poor Circulation vs DPN

Patient: Hello,I am a 28 year old type 1 diabetic, diagnosed at age 9 . In early February (2015) I had a urinary tract infection which was cured through antibiotics. Suspecting a possible link to the care of my diabetes (or lack thereof), I fully committed to the care and control of my bloodsugar. The month following, I started getting cold toes. I went in for a blood test and my A1c was 7.1 and there was no detection of “plasma.” Few weeks followed and I continue to get cold toes and now feet, especially when I am sitting. Once I move around or even when I lie down, the temperature appears to return to normal after a while.I went to the podiatrist mid march and he says there are no real signs of neuropathy, that being numbness in the foot. However, earlier this month I started getting slightly prickly feet every so often. My GP scheduled me for an appointment to neuropathy testing.My question is this, is there a link between poor circulation to the foot and toes and neuropathy? What is the potential of neuropathy given the symptoms described? The feet are cold to the touch by others. It seems like a minefield when researching the subject online.Thank you for your time.

Symptoms: Cold feet, cold toes, prickly feet at times

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.The levels of HbA1c that you have described is more than 7%. This level is high and mean s that your sugar control is bad over the long term. This means that you have chances of damaging your nerves.I recommend that you get examined by a Doctor to confirm neuropathy. And also, please get your glucose levels under control by talking to your Doctor and modifying the medication.Hope this helps you. All the best.