Posible Roundworm infection in lungs and thoat.

Patient: Hello I believe that I have contracted a round worm infection from my fathers dog. I will start with the following occasion when I first started feeling sick. About a month ago I came down with what I thought was the flu/cold but I didn’t have normal symptoms like sore though pain or coughing only time to time. I could smell my immune system over reacting and fighting something but my body was not reacting. This all occurred after I interacted with my fathers dog which is a taco terrier which was known to be sick with something. Not to long down the line my father got sick but with normal flu symptoms. After a few weeks after my sickness has passed I than started to have large amounts of flem come out my throat in every morning I woke up. After some more weeks pass than I have my first incident with a worm like thing come out with my flem. Just a few minutes ago I spat another possible worm and I took pictures of it but do not know how to upload it here.

Symptoms: Coughing, Large amount of flem.