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Positive pregnancy test, but was bleeding? Am I actually Pregnant?

Patient: So my last period was May 25, 2014. I was getting a few symptoms like nausea & breasts hurting. I went into a clinic for a pregnancy test June 27, 2014 & it resulted Positive. July 7,2014 in the morning I realized light spotting but didn’t think much of it. In the afternoon the spotting turned into bright red blood when I wiped, I had horrible pain on my lower back that would come & go also lower abdominal pain. I went to the hospital took a blood test, urine test & ultra sound. Doctor said everything was fine. I didn’t quite understand what was meant by fine & didn’t ask either. The bleeding stopped 2 days later. At first I thought it was probably my period & the pregnancy test had mistaken, but 4 days later (July 11, 2014) I took a home pregnancy test & it was positive. Does this confirm that I am pregnant & the bleeding didn’t result in a miscarriage?


Doctor: Symptoms of a miscarriage include bleeding which progresses from light to heavy, severe cramps abdominal pain, fever, we akness, back pain etc. Although bleeding in the first trimester makes a diagnosis of an impending miscarriage most likely, it is not always the case. Some women experience spotting or light bleeding around the time of their expected periods for a few months of pregnancy. Many a times, women also have mild to moderate bleeding due to a disruption between the fetal and maternal tissues causing a subchorionic hematoma. Not all of these conditions end in a complete miscarriage. You did the right thing by visiting the emergency room immediately.A diagnosis of a suspected miscarriage is confirmed by performing a pelvic exam and an ultrasound test. If the spotting is because of causes other than an impending miscarriage, no further treatment is needed other than rest and support. Most likely in your case, the bleeding may have been caused by less ominous causes and hence the doctor did not raise an alarm.Do not worry about the possibility of a miscarriage. Get yourself checked regularly and discuss all the doubts you have with your OBGYN during your antenatal visits.


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