Positive pregnancy test post partum

Patient: How valid is a positive pregnancy test if my spouse took it in her second pee of the day? She’s recently regained her period months after her pregnancy. And when she did have her period, it would start and stop in random times the week she had it. sometimes it would seem to end, then the next day it would be strong. we had unprotected sex after her last day of bleeding. (she only had little spots then) so how valid is the pregnancy test that we took?

Doctor: It is difficult to exactly say how valid it is since she seems to still have some hormonal imbalance which is correcting it self from the pregnancy. Periods post partum can be irregular and difficult to predict. You could repeat the pregnancy test again with the first morning sample of urine and see what the results are. It is doubtful but not entirely that she may be pregnant. All the best.