Positive pregnancy test while my period is on

Patient: My period was 2 days late. I wiped and saw a small amount of pink blood so I put in a tampon. A few hours later I went to change my tampon and there was nothing on it. After 2 more days (now 4 days late) my period comes on and it is very light (its usually heavy). I took two pregnancy test a day apart and both of them had a very faded positive sign on them. The morning that I took the 2nd pregnancy test I got in the shower afterwards and I noticed blood coming down my leg, I got out and wiped and there was a lot of blood but it was like period blood (I had a miscarriage this same time last year and that blood was bright red and “clotty”)Now it seems like I’m just having a regular period just not as heavy . Am I having an early miscarriage (I was 7 weeks last year when I miscarried) or is there a possibility that I could be pregnant?

Symptoms: A weird feeling in my abdomen (not like period cramps).

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The bleeding you are experiencing could possibly be due to having a miscarriage or due to implantation of the fertilized egg into your uterus. It is common to having bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy due your uterus responding to hormonal and physiological changes associated with pregnancy. Since you have had multiple positive pregnancy tests we recommend that you consult your doctor and conduct a formal pregnancy test and ultrasound to determine with certainty that you are pregnant or not.Thank you for choosing Askthedoctor.com