Positive Pregnancy test while on depo and contraception question

Patient: Hi I had one shot of the depo and it ran out 4th November since then i had a period on the 2nd of December for 5 days then another one on the 9th of dec for a week since then I have had unprotected sex and I haven’t had a period i did take a pregnancy test last week and got a faint postive but that following morning I took a clear blue a got not pregnant I took another a few days ago and still got a negative could i be pregnant or is this just a after affect of the depo

Symptoms: Bad stomach cramps, tiredness

Doctor: Hello,It is seen that after taking depot shot, that the most common side effect faced by women is irregular inter men strual bleeding or spotting for atlas next 2 months. But if your pregnancy test had been faintly positive once and the following tests were negative following an unprotected intercourse, then the best way to allay the anxiety would be to perform a blood serum beta HCG test. This is a lab based test and 10 times more sensitive than urine pregnancy test. If the levels of HCG in the test are raised or more than 1, then pregnancy is confirmed, but if its less than 1, then pregnancy is ruled out completely. Then you can understand that you can continue with your contraception with the second dose for depot provera as scheduled without being concerned for pregnancy as by then ovulation would have been stopped and you would have achieved amenorrhoea.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards