Positive urine test and negative blood test in the same day

Patient: Yesterday morning I took a pregnancy test with first urine. However, I went to Dr office and got a faded positive. I had a STAT blood test that came back negative. My period is NOT due until 6 more days. I had sore nipples and náusea. Doctor was surprised and didn’t know what to say.

Doctor: Pregnancy tests using urine, are not 100% accurate, and few times there are false positives, that is test positive but n ot pregnant. A followup blood test should always reinforce the urine test to confirm pregnancy. Since blood test is negative, mostly you are not pregnant, but a repeat blood test must be done to confirm. Sore nipples and nausea could be due to generalized conditions other that pregnancy. A repeat blood test and wait till the date of periods will help you identify if you are pregnant or not. Followup with your gynecologist for further management.