Possbile Pregnancy? Please help im freaking out

Patient: Last Saturday my boyfriend and I were dry humping and he didn’t have any pants on but I had leggings and underwear on and I was on top of him. The last thing we did was I performed oral sex and he did cum in my mouth and that’s the last thing we did. Last night he came over and we dry humped and he performed oral sex on me. He had his boxers on and did pre cum and I got on top to make out with him with my underwear on which is like a thong but thicker, like bikini bottoms.. The last thing we did again was I performed oral sex and he cummed in my mouth.. Is there anyway of pregnancy? I went to dinner before that happened last night and threw up, I think because of the food. My stomach has felt uneasy today but I have kept food down and im expecting my period in a week. PLEASE HELP

Symptoms: upset stomach

Doctor: Hi, From your query and from what you tried to explain it appears that you don’t have to worry about a pregnancy a nd the chances for the same are almost remote. Your period should come on time, in case it does not then you can go a home pregnancy that 7 to 10 days later to your expected date of menstrual cycle to rule out chances of a pregnancy. Oral sex will not had to a pregnancy for sure.Hope that answers your query.Good day.