Possibility of getting pregnant

Patient: I had my last periods on the 20th of December and on the 20th of January we stayed together. From that day i didn’t get my periods. Is there a possibility of me getting pregnant??

Symptoms: I have some aches and pains which I get when I am about to get my periods.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,If your period of stay together and your LMP were 1 month apart tenth chances of concep tion getting established are less , unless there has been a delayed ovulation and fertile period was prolonged. However the best way to confirm pregnancy before the onset of menses after a week of intercourse would be to opt for a blood serum beta hcg test where if the levels of hcg are found to be more than 1, then pregnancy would be confirmed . If the levels are less than 1, pregnancy is ruled out completely. In absence of pregnancy, the symptoms you are experiencing indicate PMS symptoms and hint towards resumption of menses likely in next few days. So, i think you can take an informed decision now.Wishing you good health,regards