Possibility of sex on contraception

Patient: Hi there, i had sex about 3 weeks ago, however i am on birth control pill but i missed one day. He used a condom, however after he had came, he rested for a minute then started again and i think he came again. When he pulled out the condom didnt appear to leak. I had my week where i come off the pill and i had a three day period. It seemed normal for me, dark red and heavy, the way it normally is. However i got my period the thursday and started a new packet of pills on the sunday.I am very worried to scared to go to a shop and buy a pregnancy test. Are the chances i am pregnant very high? Is a three day period normal?

Doctor: Thank you for your query.From the instance you have described the chances of a pregnancy are remote. Three day period is normal and since you say that your previous menstrual cycles are also the same then this maybe the normal menstrual cycle itself. Missing birth control pill for a day will not make a difference. But it should be taken immediately when you remember and the next pill should be taken as per the routine time, then it won’t lose its effectiveness. Try to use a reminder or an app on your PC or a mobile which will probably remind you.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.