Possible causes for a High C-reactive protein and Alkaline Phosphatase

Patient: I am having occassionaly pain in my left knee and back pain s.And I undergone some tests suggested by doctor. please tell me about these tests which came high my CRP is 7.6 Normal Range less than 6 alkaline phosphtase is 166 normal 50-136 Ifcc Lactate Dehydrogenese is 192 normal 100-190. please tell me is this can cause any serious problem like Cancer.

Doctor: C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is used to test for infections as well as for inflammatory and neoplastic diseases. Progressiv ive increases correlate with increases of inflammation/injury. CRP can be used to detect early postoperative wound infection and also to follow therapeutic responses to anti inflammatory agents. Elevated alkaline phosphatase is associated with numerous signs and symptoms. Alkaline phosphatase is a group of isoenzymes that originate in your bone, liver, intestines, skin and placenta. Isoenzymes are a collection of enzymes that catalyze the same chemical reaction but possess different structures and biochemical properties. I am going to mention some of the conditions that may elevate the alkaline phosphatase: biliary obstruction, rickets (disorder that affects your bones, causing them to become soft and fracture easily), liver cirrhosis. If a high level of alkaline phosphatase is found, further lab studies are needed to see if the elevated levels are coming from the liver or from bone. To do this, a test called a GGT level, a sensitive indicator of liver function, may be done. If this value comes back abnormal, it usually means there’s a problem with the liver and further tests will be needed to look for hepatitis or other liver disease. Blockage of the liver bile ducts and a condition called primary biliary cirrhosis can also cause an elevated alkaline phosphatase level, as can gallbladder disease.